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Output Power Wattage: 700 W
Input Voltage: 230 V|Output Voltage: 230 V
Input Frequency: 50 Hz (Auto sensing)|Output Frequency: 50 Hz ? 1%

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Introducing the FINGERS FRR-1250 LCD UPS, your guardian angel against power woes. This line-interactive wonder boasts a robust 1200 VA / 720 W capacity, providing seamless backup for your PCs, laptops, routers, CCTV systems, and more. Say goodbye to data loss and frustrating mid-task shutdowns – the FRR-1250 LCD will keep your devices humming happily even when the grid takes a snooze.  The FRR-1250 LCD isn’t just powerful, it’s compact and user-friendly. Its sleek design blends seamlessly into any home or office, and its wide input voltage range (140V to 300V) makes it adaptable to diverse power environments. Even if the lights go out completely, the cold start mode lets you power up directly from the batteries, giving you that extra edge in an outage.

Dimensions 32 × 18.2 cm


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